Healthy Poké
Take Away

(it rhymes so you can pronounce it)

Poké Box

Salmon 120/190, Tuna 115/175, Trout 85/140, Chicken 85/140, Prawn 155/230, Tofu 75/120, Lentil Sprout 80/130, Falafel 85/140
Pick One
Sushi Rice 0, Black Rice R10, Low Carb Mixed Veg R10, Banting Seaweed R15
Pick One
Red Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Spring Onions, Toassted Sesame Seeds, Poké Box Ponzu
Edamame, Avo, Daikon, Beetroot, Lentil Sprouts
Pick up to Three
Cashews R10, Pumpkin Seeds R5, Pickled Ginger R5, Chia Seeds R5, Furikake R5, Fresh Chilli 0
Creamy Wasabi (mild), Creamy Lemon, Creamy Sriracha, Lemon & Ginger Drizzle, Vegan Moringa Aioli, Tahini Honey & Lemon R12
Pick One
Substitutions in Classic boxes incur same price adjustments
Each Box is prepared to order so please allow time for large orders or busy periods
Thanks :)

Catering & Entertainment

Everybody likes a Poké Box!

Have an event coming up? Need crew catering? Got pregnant and gotta have a wedding on a budget?

Covid compliant catering here we come. Let the Poké Box craft your bespoke, low cost shot-gun wedding, film shoot, or corporate team-building gig (not another pizza party, puke puke).

Poké Box offers no-fuss, low carbon catering. No plates, no washing up. After your party, chuck it all on the compost or in the recycling.

We can even supply DJs, Bands and Fire-breathers if that so takes your fancy

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Locally Sourced
From Avos to Tuna, produce sourced as close to home as possible
Biodegradable Packaging
Compost your box!
Vegan options
100% animal free and super tasty
Limit cell damage with these powerful purple antioxidants
One Poke Box contains five or more of your required 5-a-day
Wheat free options
Still that great Poké explosion of flavour
Fibre & Crunch
Unrefined rice and fresh veg make happy tummies
Low Carb Options
Extra veg and lentils or seaweed noodles



Monday - Friday

11am - 2:30pm

4:30pm - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday